• March 15, 2024
identified households
217 move ins
89,000% roi


A senior living community grappled with the issue of reaching decision-makers for potential residents, who were often not the ones touring the facilities. The challenge was the geographical spread of these influencers, who typically lived outside the local marketing radius, making it tough to capture their addresses for effective communication.

The community’s goal was to increase leads for tours and move-ins. To achieve this, they needed a solution that could extend beyond local boundaries and directly engage with influencers, wherever they might be.

Tactics Used

Audience Generation:

fullthrottle.ai identified 88,000 in-market households from website visitors and delivered a campaign of 30,000 physical mailers over the course of a year.


Direct mail targeting website visitors who our AI buyer propensity model identified as being closest to a decision, providing timely & relevant communication.

Segmentation by Type of Care:

Offering diverse living options, from independent to memory care, segmentation allowed for more strategic and personalized marketing efforts.

investment gain using fullthrottle


The deployment of these tactics resulted in the move-in of 217 new community members identified and marketed to by fullthrottle.ai. With a lifetime value of up to $500,000 per resident, the senior living community could see a return on investment of over 89,000% with an investment gain of over $100,000,000.

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