• May 30, 2023
Senior Living Community Marketing Challenges


Senior living and care marketers spend upwards of $400 per lead –– and most leads don’t even convert. In fact, studies show the conversion rate is only 30%. Lead generation is a contender for being a top challenge for senior living communities –– roughly 50% identify it as their top challenge.

About 80% of senior living marketers use their websites to generate leads, but only 50% view it as effective. This is likely because most website visitors don’t convert on their first visit. However, roughly 75% of consumers researching senior living begin on search engines. Websites should be a top lead source.

Target the Decision Makers

Choosing a senior living center is a careful decision, usually made by the entire family. It can take about 25 touchpoints on average before an individual, or  family, chooses an assisted living community. 49.3% of the time, children of the elderly in question are heavily involved in the decision-making process. However, a total of 71.6% are searching for assisted living for someone else.

fullthrottle.ai ensures those households searching on your website are reached with multiple touchpoints, at the right times, propelling your audiences (down to a household level) to pick your senior care.

Senior Living Who are you shopping for

What is the key to targeting the entire household, managing website leads, and delivering multiple touchpoints to stay top of mind?

fullthrottle.ai - Powered by Patented Technology

fullthrottle.ai will transform your programmatic website visitors into household-based, first-party data. Then our platform instantly deploys direct mail, digital display ads, social, audio, and video marketing. Our always-on, instant marketing engine is designed to do all the work, so you don’t have to manage your leads.

Our Immersive Household® Managed Advertising can reach consumers across multiple devices in the entire household. Don’t be mistaken –– Baby Boomers are using modern technology. Around 77% go online each month and almost half do so on their smartphones or tablets. It is just as important to reach them with meaningful messaging to engage them.

Using fullthrottle.ai's technology and managed advertising, you can reach more audiences and market to them with targeted ads. We'll help you match back community tours with website visitors and prove your marketing attribution to fullthrottle.ai identified households.

Our proprietary technology is opt-in and privacy-centric, ensuring the delicate nature of your business is future-proof and following guidelines to maintain your potential senior customers' data privacy.


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