How are these results found?

Each household or person who was sent direct marketing is matched with sales and service transactions from the dealership. The system compares addresses, emails, and phone numbers. The comparison period is the 120 days after each piece of marketing is received (sent date for emails, deploy date for RVM, and in-home date for direct mail).

Who is counted for the email portion of a campaign?

We include every person who was successfully sent an email.

When will a campaign show up in the dashboard?

The files will be uploaded for processing shortly after the campaign is fully deployed.

When will campaign results be finalized?

Results will be final after we receive all sales and service records for the 120 days after full deployment.

Can one person be a conversion on each campaign?

Yes. If one person receives multiple campaigns, they will show as a match in each campaign. The “unique” columns in the dashboard indicate unique households for each campaign.

If one person is targeted in two campaigns and buys two cars, they will be listed for each campaign: counted once in the unique households column and twice in the total transactions column.

Why am I seeing higher results in the dashboard than in past manual reports?

This matching process looks at all conversions for 120 days after the campaign delivery date. Previous reporting was run month by month instead of by including all 120 days after the campaign, so for most campaigns the time period has expanded. The matching process also matches on multiple touchpoints: address, email and phone numbers. Older reporting methods often only matched on one contact method.