fullthrottle.ai SafeMatch

SafeMatch™ is a cutting-edge methodology offering a scalable household transaction ingestion system that excels in multi-dimensional outcome attribution across multiple advertisers with a unique household focus.

Positioned to easily and effectively resolve first-party data-driven household identity and attribution - SafeMatch™ builds on our patented technology to provide new clarity into customer advertising and transaction journeys - while maintaining privacy and safety compliance.

Advanced Attribution and Learning Capabilities

High Frequency Scalability
    • Multi-dimensional outcome attributing capabilities to support intensive buying periods
Time-sensitive household activity recognition
    • Employs time-aware technology to sophisticatedly understand and interpret household activity over time relative to transactions
Intelligent learning for density attribution:
    • Multi-unit dwelling learning algorithms accurately attribute and identify density related to clustered residents and customers.
Post-Attribution Clarity
    • Utilize advanced suppression and removal mechanisms to produce clean and accurate data outputs.

Superior Technology Integration and Processing

real time data reporting
Superior processing power
    • Utilizes parallel processing through horizontal warehouse scaling for increased efficiency and speed, compared to traditional sequential processing or traditional vertical scaling.
Advanced underlying technology integration
    • Specially designed software intricately integrated with database hardware. Consists of distributed tables, schemas, and a dynamic query engine for optimal performance.
Accelerated data operations
    • Features parallel indexing, constraint checking, and disk writing capabilities.
    • Designed to significantly speed up data loading streams for immediate use and analysis.
Pre-flight staging zone
    • Outputs are made readily available in a supervised pre-flight staging area.
    • The staging zone is prepped for various specialized post-processing data analytics and data science


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