How We Know a Shopper Is Ready To Buy

One thorn has always stuck in the side of digital marketers: figuring out which site visitors are potential buyers and which are just passing through. fullthrottle.aiTM solves this problem with a cutting-edge buyer propensity model that transforms site signals into actionable household-level insights. Our model harnesses patented technology to provide a detailed digital profile of potential buyers, all without relying on traditional cookies. 

Key Takeaways: 

  1. fullthrottle.aiTM pinpoints website visitors down to their household, revealing deep insights into consumer behavior and opening up new audience segments for marketers. 
  2. The buyer propensity model analyzes a wide array of site visit signals, employing AI to distinguish engaged shoppers from casual visitors based on their online activities. 
  3. By utilizing real-time data and identity resolution, fullthrottle.aiTM enables precise and timely marketing strategies, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of campaigns like targeted direct mail. 

Household-Level Analytics 

At the core of's approach is the ability to identify website visitors down to their household addresses, offering a granular view of consumer behavior. This capability allows marketers to pinpoint not only the geographic accuracy of their campaigns but also to tap into previously unreachable in-market audiences. By building marketing audiences from these rich data sets, fullthrottle.aiTM ensures that brands connect with the right consumers at the right time. 

Data Collection and Interpretation 

Our buyer propensity model listens for numerous signals during each site visit session. This comprehensive data collection process is crucial for understanding the nuances of buyer behavior and the factors that drive purchasing decisions. Our AI then interprets this data to identify patterns and trends, highlighting the most relevant signals that indicate a potential purchase. 

What Is a "Meaningful" Site Visit? 

Understanding what constitutes a meaningful site visit is crucial for separating interested visitors from casual browsers. Our platform can make this distinction by analyzing a variety of signals, each of which offers a unique insight into user engagement and intent. Here are just a few examples. In practice, our AI looks at more than a dozen of these signals before determining buyer propensity. 

Household Location 

The geographical location of a household can significantly influence buying behavior. Proximity to a retailer or service provider, for instance, might increase the likelihood of a purchase due to convenience or familiarity with local brands. 

Page Visit Volume 

A high number of page visits within a site suggests a deep interest in the content or products offered. This metric goes beyond surface-level engagement, indicating a visitor's active search for specific information or items. 

Journey Start Date and Last Visit Date 

The span between a user's first visit and their most recent session can reveal the length and depth of their buying journey. A shorter interval might indicate a swift move towards a purchase, while a longer one could suggest careful consideration or comparison shopping. 

Time In-Market 

The duration a visitor spends in the market before making a purchase decision is a telling signal of their readiness to buy. Longer periods may involve more extensive research or comparison, whereas shorter times suggest quick decision-making. 

Influencing Media Sources 

The media sources that lead visitors to the site can provide context on their interests and intentions. For instance, visitors coming from a detailed product review might be further along in the buyer's journey than those from a generic advertisement. 

Each of these signals, when analyzed collectively, helps fullthrottle.aiTM paint a comprehensive picture of a visitor's engagement and shopping intent, distinguishing meaningful visits from mere pass-through traffic

Rest assured, our model isn’t one-size-fits-all. Instead, we track metrics that are relevant to your brand’s goals. Our platform can analyze custom buyer segments to determine interest in a product category, or filter job applicants from shopping audiences. Very little is off the table when you have a platform that puts the power of your first-party data back into your hands. 

Advantages of Real-Time Data and Live Identity Resolution’s first-party data stands in stark contrast to the static nature of traditional data lists. Our household identification approach ensures that the data we help you generate is always current, making it more valuable for timely and relevant marketing campaigns.  

Our buyer propensity model thrives on this real-time data, continuously updating to reflect the latest consumer behaviors and trends on an individual household level. You can log onto our platform, click on a specific household, and see their unique journey updated in real time. This dynamic nature guarantees that the insights you get are not just accurate but also actionable, allowing you to build relevant strategies and capitalize on market conditions. 

Enhancing Marketing Strategies With Buyer Propensity Analysis 

The insights from the buyer propensity model significantly enhance marketing strategies, particularly in targeted efforts like direct mail campaigns through SmartMail — our next-gen direct mail delivery service. By pinpointing households that are closest to making a purchase, fullthrottle.aiTM optimizes the timing and relevance of your mailers, significantly boosting ROI.  

The model's impact extends across various aspects of marketing, from improving targeting precision to offering measurable data on campaign effectiveness. This level of detail and accuracy means that marketing efforts are not based on guesswork but on solid, data-driven insights backed up by your actual transaction data. 

Get a Real-Time Buyer Propensity Model With fullthrottle.aiTM's buyer propensity model offers an incredible window into the intentions of your site visitors. By using the real-time data and smart technology to see who's ready to buy, it ensures marketing messages hit the mark every time. Our platform doesn't make guesses; it uses real sales data to prove you're on the right track. Book a demo today to see it in action.