By: Bill Parlaman, Chief Experience Officer

Don’t Throw a Party at the End of the World

The digital advertising industry is on the brink of one of its most transformative shifts in recent memory. Google's impending plans to phase out third-party cookies in Chrome have sent ripples across the entire space. Yet, despite the looming deadline, a surprising number of marketers find themselves unprepared for what's to come. It’s time to shed light on the changes and why a cookieless first-party data platform is the best solution to the challenges ahead. 

Key Takeaways: 

  1. Deprecating third-party cookies is imminent, and preparedness is lacking. 
  2. Existing solutions are not as effective as they claim to be. 
  3. fullthrottle.aiTM offers a reliable, effective, and privacy-safe alternative that doesn’t just address the issue — it leaps over the bar. 

The Looming Deadline: Cookie Deprecation 

Google has announced plans to migrate 1% of Chrome users to its Privacy Sandbox by early next year, effectively signaling the end of third-party cookies. It’s a pilot program that will likely be fully rolled out by the end of 2024.  

This move has been a long time coming, but the industry's response has been less than adequate. According to a recent YouGov survey commissioned by Adform, only 33% of marketers believe they are well-prepared for the deprecation of third-party cookies. Even more concerning, a mere 36% agree that they are fully aware of the solutions to replace third-party cookies. 

These statistics are not just numbers; they are a stark reminder of the industry's challenges. Marketers understand the critical nature of finding a solution — almost half of the respondents believe that replacing third-party cookies is “crucial for future success.” Still, the disconnect between understanding the problem and being prepared for it is glaring. 

The Transparency Dilemma 

The issue doesn't stop at preparedness; it extends to transparency in ad spending and the technology stack. The YouGov survey revealed that nearly 80% of marketers want to understand how their budget is allocated between media, technology, and other costs. This eagerness for transparency is at odds with the industry's current state. About 50% of marketers believe that walled gardens (the dominant players in digital advertising) lack transparency in their operations. 

This lack of clarity creates a problem for marketers. On the one hand, they want to take greater ownership of their ad spend; on the other, they are unsure which sources to trust with their budgets. The result is a state of inertia. Everyone keeps doing what they’ve always done, leaving most of the industry unprepared for a cookieless future. 

The Industry's Multiple Challenges 

The advertising industry is not just grappling with the end of third-party cookies; it's also facing many other challenges. These were highlighted in an analyst webinar by Insider Intelligence, which delved into how digitization and privacy drive innovation in ad measurement. There are a few key issues that surfaced this year. 

  • Digital Display: Google has delayed the deprecation of third-party cookies twice, now slated for late 2024, but marketers are only marginally more prepared than they were at the first announcement. 
  • Mobile Ecosystem: Less than 1% of iOS installs were configured for SKAdNetwork 4.0 six months after its launch. 
  • Cookieless Solutions: As of September 20, 2023, Unified ID 2.0 absorption rates stood at 57.2%. 

These challenges underscore the industry's state of flux and the uncertainties surrounding future measurement techniques. Marketers are essentially in the "eye of the hurricane," aware of the impending changes but unclear how to navigate them. 

Why Existing Solutions Fall Short 

The industry's quest for alternatives to third-party cookies has led to many solutions, each promising to be the silver bullet. However, the reality is far from the hype. For instance, Unified ID 2.0, one of the touted cookieless solutions, has an adoption rate of just 57.2% as of September 2023. This statistic alone raises questions about the efficacy of existing solutions. 

There’s the focus on first-party data — and don’t get me wrong, it’s crucial — but first-party data alone lacks the depth and breadth required for robust ad measurement, leaving marketers in a lurch. The bottom line is existing solutions are not as effective as they're portrayed, and marketers are still searching for a reliable alternative. 

The fullthrottle.aiTM Advantage 

This is where fullthrottle.aiTM comes into play. Unlike other platforms that rely on Device IDs, IP addresses, Mobile Ad IDs, or a new framework nobody’s adopting, fullthrottle.aiTM is a cookieless first-party data platform that transforms your site traffic into households you can market to. We take it a step further, though — let’s dig in. 

Opt-In and User Consent 

One of the standout features of fullthrottle.aiTM is our commitment to user consent. Our platform operates on an opt-in basis, ensuring that the data collected is higher quality and more reliable. This approach aligns with privacy regulations and results in a higher opt-in rate than third-party cookies. 

Patented Technology 

The technology that powers fullthrottle.aiTM is patented. We have an industry-first method of transforming visitors on your website into USPS-verified addresses — actual households with real decision-makers. Our technology enables us to offer a higher match rate between data sets, leading to consistently better marketing KPIs across the board. Whether you’re looking for more sign-ups, leads, appointments, applications, buyers, or attendees, fullthrottle.aiTM nails the fundamentals so we can deliver you unreal business outcomes.  

Proven Results 

The proof is in the pudding. fullthrottle.aiTM has delivered massive conversion rate increases, more returning households, and higher ROI than any other platform. These aren't just claims; they are measurable outcomes that have significantly impacted our clients' bottom lines. Check out these real-world examples! 

Get a Future-Proof Audience Generator 

The advertising industry is at a crossroads. The deprecation of third-party cookies is not just a technical issue; it's a wake-up call for marketers to take control of their data and technology stacks. While the industry may be unprepared, you don't have to be. fullthrottle.aiTM offers a viable, effective solution for navigating the complexities of a cookieless world. Book a demo with us and see it in action.