Where Do You Fall on the Data Collection Scale?

First-party data is a hot topic in the world of advertising and marketing. Google is deprecating third-party cookies and falling behind other browsers, like Safari and Firefox, who have already done away with them.

Experts are recommending turning to first-party data as the solution, especially as privacy legislation evolves. First-party data is all over the news.  

However, where does most first-party data come from? Does your business have enough of it to activate on? 

First-party data strategies for collecting and activating tend to fall on a scale––or so we’ve noticed with the brands and agencies that partner with us. We have bucketed the scale into three categories:  


Are you unsure which one you fall under? We have created a handy guide to help you determine that!  

For agencies working with brands, we have also included how fullthrottle.aiTM can help you better serve your clients, wherever they fall on the scale.

Who Are You?  

Where does your first-party data strategy fall on the scale? 


If you are a discoverer, you...

  • Don't own a data lake
  • Aren't activating a first-party data collection
  • Still use traditional programmatic retargeting, such as Google, Facebook, The Trade Desk, etc.

However, you want to get into audience and data practice. 

If you want to get into audience and data practice but aren’t using first-party data yet, fullthrottle.aiTM is a nice way to ease yourself in. fullthrottle.aiTM is designed to do the heavy lifting and doesn’t require logging in or hands on a keyboard:  

  • See all your data—we have a fully transparent data discovery and visualization platform. 
  • Shield yourself against the deprecation of third-party cookies with data you truly own.
  • Go beyond outdated metrics, such as traditional analytic platforms, with multi-touch influence measurements.
  • See clear ROI and ROAS—our platform shows you which campaigns are working and more importantly, which aren’t!
  • You can always optionally use our record-breaking 90% match-rate deployment system, with marketing and activated media. 

As an Agency Working With a Discoverer 

You can use fullthrottle.aiTM to show them:  

  • ROI and ROAS by tracking sales back to real customers and specific marketing tactics 
  • True buyer’s journey and propensity 
  • Which geographic areas they should target 
  • How to deliver immersive household reach with unique channels 

They likely aren’t looking for an extensive program or don’t know the benefits of collecting and using first-party data—yet 

For discoverers just getting started, make sure to go through our ultimate first-party data checklist 


If you’re an inquirer, you...

  • Want a scalable, low-effort solution 
  • Feel like there is data dying on the vine
  • Use lead gen tactics but need more scale 

Maybe you run newsletter sign-up campaigns, put quality content behind a gate, and/or run direct response-focused ads. 

If you’re an inquirer, you are ready to take your first-party data generation strategy to the next level. How though? 

  • fullthrottle.ai’s AdTech helps you build the scale of first-party data you’re not only looking for, but your company needs 
  • Our analytics determine where shoppers come from and what influences them to purchase. fullthrottle.aiTM can prove ROI and determine which markets you should be hitting. This works hand in hand with your current lead gen tactics. 

As an Agency Working With an Inquirer 

Since these clients are using marketing and advertising tactics now, as an agency, you can use fullthrottle.aiTM to take those efforts to the next level: 

  • Integrate fullthrottle.ai’s technology with their current tech stack 
  • Offer more scalable, low-effort solutions via Immersive Household® Advertising and Audience Flume API 
  • Run reporting on channel influence, which measures addressable households and sales transactions against all influences
  • Resolve audiences across multiple devices into real in-market addressable households 

Inquirers understand there are ways to leverage data. In fact, the cookiepocalypse is likely on their radar. 


If you’re a go-getter, you are...

  • Building first-party teams as a heavy investment
  • Fully invested or integrating into a CDP
  • Want to generate more first-party data 

However, you need volume and scale to get to the next magnitude. 

If you’re a go-getter, you are likely navigating the changes in the advertising landscape well. What if you could enhance those efforts for maximum ROI?  

  • fullthrottle.aiTM can supercharge your CDP. We enhance the data you already own by continuously cleaning and cycling it to build bigger, stronger, and better lists.
  • We offer a set of Audience Flume APIs for your team to use, including identification API, propensity API, influence API, and attribution API. Ingest these APIs into your tech stack and build a data lake. 

As an Agency Working With a Go-Getter 

You can use fullthrottle.aiTM to help these brands: 

  • Make the most of their CDP. Data collected through our platform can funnel into their CDP, cleaning and organizing their current data sets, which will lead to better overall marketing results.  
  • Create a stronger data lake by utilizing our data services platform. We offer a robust set of APIs to ingest first-party data. These APIs include identification, propensity, influence, and attribution. 
  • Build better campaigns based on custom insights, analytics, and trends found through the managed service. These services are AI and ML powered, with unique segmentation, detailed attribution tactics, and recommended optimizations. 

Go-getters are not waiting around for Google to finally sunset support for third-party cookies. They are very tech-focused and understand the changes in the industry, including privacy legislation becoming stricter. These brands are ready to take their business to the next level with their first-party data strategy. 

Creating a Future-Proof Plan 

No matter where you are in your data collection journey, our business goal is the same at the end of the day: win more customers. The best way to continue reaching your audiences is to collect first-party data as cookies, IP addresses, and MAIDs continue to deprecate. 

fullthrottle.aiTM is the future-proof technology your business needs. Create your unique, tailored future-proof plan with fullthrottle.aiTMschedule your discovery call today!