Why Our Platform Is the Secret Weapon in the Solar Industry

The solar energy market is unique in how long customers typically research solutions before making a purchase. Given the substantial long-term investment associated with it, consumers naturally spend significant time evaluating their options. This extends the sales cycle and adds a layer of complexity to the customer journey. Our solar energy advertising platform is tailored to these needs, giving clear visibility into potential buyers’ behavior and giving you the tools you need to make the sale.  

Key takeaways: 

  1. fullthrottle.ai's technology addresses the lengthy buyer journey in the solar market by pinpointing where site visitors are in their buying process. 
  2. Our platform provides exceptional insight into the buyer's journey, detailing the number and nature of marketing messages viewed before purchase. 
  3. Solar Power of Oklahoma's record-breaking sales growth exemplifies our platform's effectiveness in the solar market. 
  4. fullthrottle.aiTM transforms website visitors into in-market, addressable households, maximizing marketing impact. 

Solar energy businesses must constantly engage with prospective customers, maintaining brand prominence throughout their decision-making process. fullthrottle.aiTM ensures your brand is consistently visible, sending marketing messages across social, digital, video, and direct mail channels. Our platform's technology pinpoints exactly where a visitor is in their buying journey, enabling businesses to allocate marketing resources where they will be most effective. 

Track the Customer Journey (With Real Data) 

Staying competitive and distinctive is crucial in solar marketing. fullthrottle.ai's unique approach ensures that your brand doesn't get lost in the noise. With constant brand visibility throughout the customers' research process, fullthrottle.aiTM positions your company as the first choice for solar energy needs. 

Built-in AI also provides exceptional insight into the buyer's journey. Because our platform is supported by patented AdTech that transforms site visitors into real household addresses, you'll know the timeline of a purchase, how many messages were seen, on what channel, and what website pages they visited as result of your marketing efforts. This valuable information equips your brand to create highly resonant solar energy advertising strategies. 

The Solar Power of Oklahoma Story 

Nothing speaks louder than real-world success. fullthrottle.ai's contribution to Solar Power of Oklahoma's growth is a testament to this. By deploying fullthrottle.ai’s innovative AdTech, the company achieved an impressive 104% increase in sales. It's noteworthy that 23% of all these sales were traced back to households identified by fullthrottle.aiTM. This success is a shining example of the power of a data-centric approach in personalizing the buyer journey and guiding customers down the sales funnel. 

Gleaning Valuable Insights From the Customer Journey 

With fullthrottle.aiTM, you gain more than a general understanding of your customers' journey. You'll be able to discern which website pages a customer typically visits during their research. This data-driven approach can empower you to tailor your marketing strategies to the customer journey and the specific products your buyers are interested in, enhancing your brand's resonance with potential clients, and aligning your offering with their research pace. Since everything is tied back to real sales transaction data, you’ll know exactly what’s working and where you should shift your attention.  

How We Reveal Hidden Opportunities in Your Market 

There's often more than meets the eye when it comes to identifying your target market, and fullthrottle.ai's robust technology can help unearth hidden opportunities. Since we identify and resolve website visitors down to household addresses and tie all your campaigns back to business transactions, our clients frequently encounter unexpected results. 

Take, for instance, one of our recent clients who had written off a particular zip code, believing it to be out of their market due to its average income level. Leveraging fullthrottle.aiTM, they discovered a significant portion of their web traffic was originating from this very zip code — an area they had overlooked in their marketing efforts. 

Seeing the potential, they took immediate action. They used fullthrottle.ai's SmartMail to reach out to these overlooked households. What happened next was nothing short of a marketing revelation — they shattered their all-time records for the number of appointments booked. 

This experience encapsulates the power of a household-based marketing solution. It's not always about reaching more people—it's about reaching the right people. With fullthrottle.aiTM, you'll have the insight needed to refine your solar energy advertising strategies and identify untapped markets, leading to game-changing results. 

Powering the Future of Solar Marketing With fullthrottle.aiTM  

fullthrottle.aiTM brings an effective solution to the challenge of lead generation and conversion in the solar industry. Imagine your website as a beacon, attracting potential customers to your offerings. fullthrottle.aiTM is the driving force that transforms these leads into sales. 

By partnering with fullthrottle.aiTM, you're not only elevating your marketing strategies, but also redefining the customer journey. Book a demo today and see what opportunities are hiding in your own market.