Enhance Your Marketing TechStack from a New Starting Point

by Todd Hauser, EVP of Strategic Partnerships

AdTech and MarTech solutions are designed to solve and/or enhance portions of a business’s marketing and advertising efforts. Many vendors offer similar products, buzz words, and claims. This shifts the onus onto the prospective client to dig deeper as they search for differentiation and true value.  

When evaluating a technology partner, it is important to consider a vendor’s starting point.  

What role do they play? Are they tapping into your existing data or bringing forward new data? Are they in the identity resolution area or serving up new lead opportunities? 

level up your identity resolution

The Facets of Advertising and Marketing 

There are many facets within the advertising and marketing technology ecosystem, from identification and privacy to marketing and attribution. There are also overlapping players in each of those sectors. Therefore, it can get confusing, when there are so many options.  

Smart marketers think about replacing vendors with enhanced solutions and if they currently have technology partners that already perform in one of those sectors needed. 

Cookieless Solutions With Identity Resolution 

Cookieless is the hottest MarTech buzz word of 2022. When these technology vendors say they have a cookieless solution that helps businesses identify audiences and market to them, it’s important to ask where these vendors are starting. There are some that can both identify and market to audiences and some that only do one of the two.  

Usually, when vendors say they are cookieless and provide first-party data, this data is coming from the client’s CRM and pulling all the people the business has previously sold to.  

Businesses will begin to notice that working strictly with people who have already completed purchases won’t be enough for marketing.  

What Is fullthrottle.ai’s Differentiator?  

Our differentiator is our starting point. We don’t really have competitors, due to our unique starting point for collecting novel first-party data. Better yet, we can enhance the solutions you already use in your business.  

We add an additional layer of intelligence to the buyer’s journey and provide something a little different than identity resolution. We call it household resolution 

Our Starting Point 

Our starting point is identifying anonymous shoppers ON your website. Today, a website’s shoppers are really devices with IDs, which are collected using cookies. Cookies identify, track, and send retargeting ads to those devices. Our cookieless solution changes the game. We do this with opt-in measures, placing a premium on privacy-first user interactions. Most visitors on websites leave without a trace. They won’t purchase on the first visit and won’t necessarily leave you with their information via a form fill or a chatbot.  

With our technology, we have taken the guesswork out of identity resolution by identifying the visitors on your website, down to the household. We call these consumers hand-raisers––they’ve shown interest in your product or service. 

Enhancing Your TechStack 

We certainly recommend that you continue enhancing your CRM and working out of your database. However, before you go out and buy model data or conquest data for people you want to sell to, how about prioritizing the people who are already on your virtual storefront? They were in your virtual store and they left without you talking to them. 

fullthrottle.aiTM has done a great job of covering a little of each part within the AdTech industry. We can stitch the buyer’s journey together, too, by using our starting point of identifying and instantaneously marketing to them to provide attribution down to a sale. 

Our technology certainly isn’t a replacement for the solutions you’re already using. In fact, we’re likely the missing piece to your business’s identity resolution needs. 

To discover how fullthrottle.ai’s starting point aligns with best marketing practices, schedule a demo here.